Special DietProtocol for Allergies:

1.       When the next month’s lunch menu becomes available online, parent will review the menu with his/her child and contact Cheryl Judd, Food Service Director, or Terri Donlan, Administrative Assistant with a list of menu items that student  is interested in buying. 

Contact Information:  
Cheryl_Judd@waylandps.org; 508-358-7904; or
Terri_Donlan@waylandps.org; 508-358-3777.

2.       Cheryl and/or Terri will provide label information for all food items on the menu, including any warnings for cross-contamination in pre-packaged products.

3.       Parent will review the label information and determine whether or not selected items are safe for his/her child.

4.       At the beginning of each month, parent will email Cheryl Judd or Terri Donlan and the School Kitchen Manager to notify them of the days on which his/her child will buy lunch, confirming the menu items to be bought. That way, if any substitute products are received, we will know who we need to contact.

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Nutrition Labels and Ingredients 2020-2021